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Brave on iOS withdraws rewards at Apple’s request

The Brave Internet browser on iOS has lost its awards (Brave Awards). The latest update (v1.22) on the App Store removes them. The withdrawal is due to Apple and the rules of the App Store.

Brave got slapped on the fingers by Apple for his awards. The group offers a system that makes it possible to earn money by watching advertisements. This money can then be paid to content creators who are partners of the browser. There are 985,000 to date.

Apple noticed that Brave didn’t go through its billing system with rewards. Therefore, Apple did not receive the 30% commission. App Store rules require the use of Apple’s billing system. It is for this reason that the browser had to remove its system to avoid a ban from the App Store.

“We hope our iOS users will continue to opt for Brave ads, as the revenue from them will help us support the creators.”, Explain the group. He pursues : “Although we are disappointed with this update, Brave users will still be able to enjoy the same fast and privacy-friendly browser they know”. He adds working with Apple for “Bring innovative solutions to iOS”.

Brave is a pretty good player when it comes to new support. In October, support for iOS 14 to have Brave as the default browser was offered.

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