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Bosch wants to invest one billion euros to build a new factory in China

Electronics manufacturer Bosch intends to invest almost one billion euros in the construction of a factory in China in the coming years. Electric cars and the topic of autonomous driving should be in the foreground.

Electromobility is picking up speed – also internationally. because more and more vehicles are no longer based on fuel cells, but electric motors. So it’s no wonder that many large electronics companies don’t want to miss this trend. So does the German electronics manufacturer Bosch.

The company is primarily targeting China, as the country is the largest sales market for automobiles. In order to consolidate its role in the field of electromobility, Bosch is now investing a large sum. should around 922 million euros to Asia flow.

Bosch has been active in China since 1909

Bosch has maintained relations with China since 1909, when it started its first trading partnership. With an investment of almost one billion euros, a factory for the research, development and manufacture of electrically powered vehicles is now to be built.

The first point of contact is in the east of the country, in the Suzhou region. In addition to the electric vehicles already mentioned, Bosch will also be developing systems for autonomous driving there in the future. This creates an important pillar for the German group in Asia. And that in the midst of conflicts between the German and Chinese governments.

The first factories are scheduled to go into operation in mid-2024

A German delegation visited Taiwan – which China claims for itself. At the same time, the Federal Republic wants to free itself from its dependence on China. These differences certainly have an impact on the cooperation between Bosch.

So it remains to be seen whether the new factory can start operations as planned in mid-2024. This would definitely strengthen Bosch’s role as a supplier in the automotive industry.

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