Bored during the summer holidays? Not with these 40 summer activities!

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You are probably looking forward to the summer holidays. Great to do nothing for a while! However, the holiday can sometimes take a long time. With these summer activities you can keep your holiday relaxed and fun!

  1. Go stay with grandpa and grandma or nephews and nieces
  2. Visit a picking garden and take a beautiful bunch of flowers home.
  3. Go for a walk in the forest and climb different trees.
  4. Take a bike ride.
  5. Organize a scavenger hunt through your own neighborhood.
  6. Make a drawing with sidewalk chalk.
  7. Build a dam in a river near you.
  8. Watch planes at Aviodrome.
  9. Breakfast with French toast.
  10. Visit an open day of the fire brigade or animal ambulance.
  11. Go on a journey of discovery in your own village or city.
  12. Do a science experiment at home.
  13. Find stuff that can go and go to a flea market.
  14. Fly a kite in the park or on the beach.
  15. Play bottle football.
  16. Go to a tropical pool for the day.
  17. Rent a boat and go sailing with the whole family.
  18. Go treasure hunting on the beach.
  19. Make your own jewelry.
  20. Buy a map or compass and try to find your way in a strange city together.
  21. Go skating in the park or at a special skating rink.
  22. Set up a tent and camp in your garden for the night.
  23. Build your own insect hotel.
  24. Make tasty snacks and have a picnic in the garden or a park nearby.
  25. Go to the beach for a day and then craft something beautiful at home from found shells.
  26. Make a stop motion video.
  27. Decorate clothes with fabric markers
  28. Organize a home theater. And don’t forget the popcorn.
  29. Stay up late and take an evening/night walk in the dark.
  30. Make your own water track.
  31. Take a cruise on a city’s inland waterways.
  32. Go on a city trip with one of the children (of course you can also go with the whole family).
  33. Walk different street art routes.
  34. Rent a pedal boat or canoe and ask nephews, nieces, boyfriends and girlfriends to join you.
  35. Learn to fold origami.
  36. Take a walk on a gnome path or a barefoot path.
  37. Take an ice cream test.
  38. Go to an amusement park or zoo.
  39. Climb the tower in your hometown (or the nearest town).
  40. Go fishing with a rod or a net.

To end the holidays and start the new school year well prepared, you can choose a nice lunch box and bottle together. Or if your child doesn’t have one yet, a nice backpack and nice gym shoes. Happy Holidays!

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