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The creators of the Might and Delight studio are trying to give birth to a new genre with their next game Book of Travels. They call it TMORPG, where the letter T means “small” (tiny). There is nothing gigantic where players meet on every corner, beat bosses together and share loot. In Book of Travels, there will be only a few players on each server, and the chances of you encountering each other will be really low. To make every such meeting unforgettable.

Your pilgrimage to an open world composed of smaller locations will be primarily about you. Don’t count on an umbrella story in which good and evil figure and something threatened the world. There will be tasks that you will perform for the inhabitants of picturesque cities, but you must determine the main reason for the trip yourself.

The creators finally showed the game in action in half an hour of annotated shots, from which it is clear that the Book of Travels is really not another ordinary MMORPG. In the example, for example, there is not a single fight. In the game, it is possible to fight with monsters or bandits, which you will encounter on the road and outside of them, but like other players, it will be a unique encounter, from which you will leave greatly influenced. So maybe mutilation from fights.

Book of Travels bets more on peaceful walks through a beautifully stylized world, which you constantly look at as a platformer, but your movement is completely free. The world around you is procedurally generated, so in this case, YouTube videos won’t help you if you happen to get stuck somewhere or urgently need help with survival elements.

The creators want you to research the individual regions yourself and find out what raw materials are in them, what skills you can learn in them and so on. Skills are then an important part of the game representing improving your character. You learn them from specific characters, so the fisherman can teach you fishing, while someone else will teach you teleportation, which will cross the river, while who knows from whom you will learn how to turn into a deer and move around the wide plains faster.

Skills occupy a different number of unlocked slots depending on the strength, so you can equip yourself with several weaker skills at once, or maybe just one really powerful one. And to summon selected skills, you still need to know the magic of two kinds. On the one hand, you can tie knots, the later unraveling of which will cast a spell, or you will learn to make tea and ingesting it will temporarily give you some effect.

Book of Travels will be a quite different game, and the new demonstration does not show the power of the MMO component. Anyway, you can play the game all by yourself, so for me it could be a single-player RPG for me. But maybe you really won’t forget to meet live players, and it will be an integral part of a mostly Zen experience that you can experience next year in a preliminary approach.

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