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In his podcast Sacred Symbols, journalist Colin Moriarty spoke about the hitherto unconfirmed plans of the Bluepoint Games studio. The American company, which in the past is famous for quality remakes and remasters of entrusted titles, especially from the PlayStation preserve, was officially included in the PlayStation Studios family two weeks ago, and since then players have been speculating on what next project they will work on. Their latest title was an ambitious remake of the first installment of Demon’s Souls by developers from FromSoftware, and it is believed that the experience gained will be used by the Austin team in the development of another similar game. According to Moriarty, she will be Bloodborne 2 – a sequel to another popular soulslike act, which fans would call for even louder if Elden Ring were no longer on the horizon.

In the podcast, Moriarty first said that the first issue of Bloodborne in the PlayStation 5 version was about to be re-released, a step that fans expect and call for. “But we’ll also get a sequel from them, from what I’ve heard,” Moriarty added, throwing more among the genre. garnet. However, we must not completely forget what was heard from Sony developers and representatives at the time of the acquisition mentioned in the introduction. At the time, Sony had made it clear that a whole new game would be released at Bluepoint, but it was still unclear whether it meant a new project – not a remake of an existing title, as was common in Demon’s Souls – or a brand new IP, because it would be Bloodborne. from the game.

Given the frequency of speculation, we therefore consider it very probable that the PS5 version of the original game from 2015 and with it potentially also the PC version, which is also speculated about in connection with the activities that Sony has launched in the recent past. If the second part is to come, we have to leave it to the developers, not only those from Bluepoint, but also from FromSoftware. There will be fans who can not imagine that anyone other than the original authors should work on the sequel, who are also approaching the finish line with Elden Ring and, in terms of active development, get rid of already next year in January. The departure of the producer of the first Bloodborne, Masaaki Jamagiwa, from Japan Studio at Sony should play no role in the possible development of the game. He really only oversaw the development as a link between FromSoftware and Sony, and his departure is driven by the restructuring that is taking place in the company’s Japanese development branch.

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