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Blackout may surprise us and can be on consoles

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It makes no sense to say anything. We were disappointed. Most players hoped in the announcement of the sequel to the survival horde Alien: Isolation, and instead they will receive a $ 5 mobile game on January 24th. And although FoxNet is working on other games according to the Alien, Isolation 2 is not among them. With Blackout, the original game is played only by Amanda Ripley as the main heroine. Continuing horror from Creative Assembly does not even have the owner of the brand, the publisher has confirmed by TQ Jefferson’s vice-president for Variety magazine. But that does not mean that Fox has been kidnapped by big games. “There are a lot of stories we can tell in a saga,” he said in an apparent hint at an online action project on which the Cold Iron Studios team

Jefferson also noticed that fans gave Blackout a connection with a recent similar disappointment that triggered Blizzard’s mobile Diablo announcement instead of full-featured big games or at least expansion. He said, however, that this is not the case, since Blackout is a premium paid game that does not take players away from the wallets in the form of microtransactions. In the Czech App Story, the new one will be sold for CZK 129, which is a very nice price tag, if the game would eventually surprise us with its quality

Alien: Blackout is a mobile game for people who do not like mobile games

It is in this spirit that some of the first responses of foreign media, whose representatives have already had the opportunity to try it, bear. Surprising fans were quick on the first game. Blackout was called the Five Nights at Freddy’s clone, and they can not be so excited about their initial disappointment. Games are simply fun full of emotions in the best and worst of words. But even though Fox does not consider Blackout as a continuation of Isolation, the attempt to rescue the crew of the damaged station, which belongs to the Weyland-Yutani corporation, would not have to be the first impression to imply

For example, writes that Alien: Blackout is a mobile game for people who do not like mobile games. Even his author was skeptical when he tried to try, but the novelty is not a typical mobile game. The authors say they remained true to the science fiction horror roots of the original, and in addition, they proved that a similar action is avoided without microtransactions. The player in Amanda’s skin helps survive the remaining crew whose members are navigating and I will give them the appropriate instructions in an effort to keep them away from the intruder. The interface of the computer terminal is supposed to look exactly like in movies. With the help of cameras and sensors, you navigate your colleagues and try not to lose track of where the deadly monster is

You control the doors and other ship systems, while your energy supplies are thinner and you have to think about what equipment to put in and what to do. There is also a sound, which is also very important. If issuing orders makes Amanada too much noise, the intruder will discover it. However, you can also listen to your dreaded opponent or distract him. Also, the game looks better than a typical mobile title. Graphics are supposed to be a phenomenal phenomenon for platforms, and one could easily confuse it for a great title. Tony Polanco in the impressions for even writes that Blackout is by far the prettiest mobile game he has ever seen. It is not the game he imagined. Blackout reportedly faithfully captures the tension of the series and avoids typical mobile game negatives

The Shacknews magazine admits in its impressions that it is a game similar to titles like Five Nights at Freddy’s or Night Trap, but comes with its own ideas. The author appreciates, for example, the erratic behavior of an intruder who always acts differently and no two games are the same. It is also a promising story and a different conclusion depending on who survives the crew and who dies

Platform does not specify game quality

VentureBeat writes that we do not automatically assume that Blackout is a bad game because it is mobile. Stephen Kleckner was convinced he was not expecting anything big. But the authors reminded him in this way that the platform does not determine the quality of the game. We do not judge it until we try ourselves. Blackout is a damn smart game. Whoever is in a hurry, runs into trouble. Whoever hesitates too much on the other side encounters a time limit. The playable demo by VentureBeat was not what the author feared he would be. It is a fairly honest and independent game with an intruder that simply comes out on the mobile

In Preview GameRevolution it says that Blackout is not Isolation 2, but it’s a decent game. It’s a small but thoughtful experiment that counts well on the advantages and limitations of the platform. Touch control is natural to work with virtual terminals and benefits from this interface. Josh Austin, producer of the game, has invaded this way of playing and control while watching the movie Alien: Covenant, where at the end the android helps remotely in a similar way to the human crew. He immediately said that it could be a fun game for mobile. Blackout, according to the author, does not have to reach its full potential but has good fundamentals. GameRevolution only worries about the length of the game and how much it can develop on the seven-level area. According to developers, the game is deliberately difficult to play, although it may mean that someone is giving it up. It corresponds to movies, and you have an unpredictable monster against you and you are more or less defenseless. The authors wanted to capture the atmosphere of the first film, in which the crew defies a creature he does not want to discard

What Happened to Amanda

Alien: Blackout is logically placed between the events of the first and the second film. But it does not follow Alien: Isolation, the end of which is still unclear. However, the news does not even happen before Isolation, so on a somewhat fuzzy timeline, the Blackout story is to be situated sometime later after Isolation. The story of Isolation, on the contrary, should be closed in September last year by the four-part Aliens: Resistance, whose first issue comes out on January 23.

The alien here again is the perfect organism that kills at the encounter, and when he finds his victim once, he usually does not escape. Which also commends GameRevolution in remembrance of how the Colonial Marines degraded the invaders into blunt creatures that head in front of your barrel. Preview also recognizes the concept of dying when the level can be completed with just one live figure, and the death of some of the crew automatically does not mean game over. Although the characters are not of any interest, you can at least try to save them as much as possible. It is very easy to dismiss Blackout because it is a mobile game that was announced when everyone was looking forward to Isolation 2 or another great title. In reality, however, it is a clever use of a license that is well suited to the target platform and its aesthetics of the loyal brand and the roots of the saga. It may disappoint us a bit when we look at what Blackout is not. But when we consider what it really is, it turns out she is worthy of our attention

And IGN’s impressions are similar in spirit, with the subtitle “Do not panic, it’s fun”. Blackout is a mobile game, but it should not be used against it, suggests a preview. Here’s a similarity with Five Nights at Freddy’s, but the game is said to offer more, including NPC care. Again, there is a promise that xenomorph will never do the same thing twice, and it seems supposedly Blackout could be a really good game. Again, just like other articles, the text appreciates the fact that we will pay the final amount for the game and will not contain any form of microtransactions

The game could wait for the switch port

If there’s a real surprise coming out of the game, it might be a shame to stay on mobile and tablets. The DualShockers magazine also had the opportunity to talk to TQ Jefferson to ask if the authors are willing to think about a console port, such as a Nintendo Switch that does not have touch control. And the answer was positive. A number of originally mobile titles have already fought on consoles and PCs. And if Jefferson would have thought about converting, switch would be the first

Alien: Blackout comes out on iOS and Android on January 24.

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