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Black Friday tips: 3 electric bikes

► The Bezior X1500 at €1,283.65 instead of €2,045.59

electric bike

The Bezior X 1500 is an electric bike with a 1500 W motor that can reach speeds of 40 km/h: a great performance for a 28 kg vehicle powered by a very powerful 48V battery (12,800 mAh ). The latter is removable from its waterproof compartment for more convenient recharging. The autonomy of the Bezior X 1500 is also very interesting since it allows you to cover between 45 and 100 km depending on the level of assistance you wish to use. But what makes the strength of this electric bike are its dimensions since once folded, it is only 100 x 105 x 45 cm. It therefore fits perfectly in the trunk of a car. It also features hydraulic suspension, extra-wide 26-inch tyres, waterproof monitor, disc brakes, Shimano 9-speed derailleur and powerful front and rear LED lights.

The Bezior X1500 costs €2045 the rest of the year, but it’s currently on sale at €1329. With code GKB22BF50 you can even buy it for just €1,283.65!

► The Z8 at €915.44 instead of €1,371.56

electric bike

The Z8 is an electric bike for adventurers. It is equipped with 20-inch rims with non-slip tires, a 7-speed derailleur, a disc brake system and front and rear suspensions. It has a comfortable saddle and, although it is not foldable, it is quite small in size (164 x 108 cm). The machine has a removable 15 Ah battery that can be fully recharged in 6 hours and a very efficient LED lighting system. Like most bikes of this type, this one offers 3 modes of propulsion: entirely mechanical, 100% electric or in “pedaling assistance” mode where the battery is recharged automatically on descents, for example. The 500 W motor will allow you to do between 40 and 120 km depending on the degree of assistance you want to use. In terms of speed, you can travel at 45 km/h.

The Z8 is normally displayed at 1371 €, but it is currently offered at 981.88 €. With code GKB22BF50the price will go down to €915.44.

► The 2 Engwe EP-2 Pro at €1,799.69 instead of €2,714.84

electric bike

What’s better than an electric bike? Two electric bikes! For this Black Friday, Geekbuying offers a bundle of 2 Engwe EP-2 Pro: save €900 on the separate purchase! But what does the machine offer? 20-inch rims, Shimano 7-speed derailleur, disc brake system and a completely foldable structure. The Engwe EP-2 Pro has a removable 13 Ah battery that can be used in 100% electric mode with an ultra-powerful 750 W motor (60 N/m torque!). With this machine, you can do between 70 and 120 km. In terms of speed, you can travel at 30 km/h provided you do not exceed the maximum load of 150 kg. Another adventurer’s bike!

The Engwe EP-2 Pro 2-pack costs €2714.84, but during Black Friday the price drops to €1874.99. By using the code NNNFRBEENGWE2PRO you will get a further discount to reach the price of €1799.69.

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