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Black Friday at OVHcloud: save up to 50% on hosting and servers

If you are currently looking for a provider of cloud services, hosting and servers, you should take a closer look at OVHcloud. You can currently save up to 50 percent on various offers with Black Friday deals. We’ll provide you with them best deals before.

What is OVHcloud?

OVHcloud is one of the European leaders in the cloud sector. With the provider you have access to different solutions for the public cloud and the private cloud, shared hosting and dedicated servers in 140 countries on all continents.

In addition, all customers have access to domain name registration, telephony and internet access. OVHcloud has been around since 1999. It is a French company with data centers and points of presence (PoP) distributed around the world.

Black Friday at OVHcloud: these are the best offers

If you are currently looking for good offers for your hosting, your server or cloud solutions, they will come to you Black Friday deals from OVHcloud located. Below we present the best deals.

Basic hosting for only 1.67 euros per month

OVHcloud Basic hosting is suitable for anyone who wants to create a blog or website with WordPress. The deal includes a free domain name, 10 email addresses, and 1-click WordPress installation. Currently you only pay 1.67 euros per month instead of 2.79 euros.

.com domain for €4.51 per month

.com domains are among the most popular top-level domains on the market. Due to the great popularity, many are already occupied or expensive. With OVHcloud you can now book your .com domain for only 4.51 euros per month.

VPS for only 4.10 euros per month

VPS (Virtual Private Server) provides more security when you are online. For example, companies can no longer understand which websites you are on. This gives you, among other things, lower prices if you want to book flights. With OVHcloud you can currently secure your VPS for only 4.10 euros per month.

More offers at OVHcloud

In the following overview we show you other exciting Black Friday offers at OVHcloud:

  • Baremetal: up to 30% discount, from 63.47 euros per month
  • Game server: up to 50% discount, from 82.51 euros
  • Limited edition servers: from 35.99 euros
  • Storage server: up to 30% discount, from 135.79 euros
  • Public Cloud (PCI): Free trial with the code “FREETRIAL” and 200 euros free credit

Book now your Black Friday offers at OVHcloud

Take the chance now to add your hosting, server or cloud solution to OVHcloud to secure during the Black Friday deals. You can currently save up to 50 percent, it pays to be quick!

Check out the OVHcloud Black Friday offers

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