Black Friday at MyAmplifiers: 8 GSM / 4G amplifiers up to -60%

black friday

If you are in an area where you “do not receive anything”, you know how frustrating it is to receive a call, the rare times your phone rings: “wait, I’ll call you back from my landline” or “two seconds, I go upstairs, it captures up there ”. If it is with a friend, it is already painful, but if it is to respond to an employer or even worse… to a potential client, it is a disaster in terms of your image.

8 devices at half price!

The solution lies in the adoption of a signal amplifier which consists of an easy-to-install outdoor antenna and a box that will amplify the signal to redistribute it in your home. The good news is that right now at the French MyAmplifiers, we also celebrate Black Friday with offers from -50 to -60% on no less than 8 of the most popular GMS and / or 4G tri-band devices: LCD-300GD, BD-300GDW, LCD250-GSM + 4G, NS-2000-Smart, LCD250-4G- D, LCD250-GSM + 4G-PRO, NS-300-Multi and NS-600-Multi.

Satisfied or refunded !

These names may not mean anything to you, but these are the best devices here with a 30-day “money-back” guarantee, a free surge arrester, a complete user kit, a 3-year warranty and support. free. To find out which one is right for you, simply choose your country, the size of your house, apartment or office and select your mobile operator (Orange Bouygues SFR, Free, but also Prixtel, Sosh, RED, NRJ, Coriolis, La Poste Mobile , etc.) You can therefore “water” a building where it is not normally possible to take or make a call. It is a safe alternative to VoWiFi: the possibility of making your GSM calls via your box. Unfortunately this option which is offered by some operators is not available on all smartphone models in addition to having mixed results. Note that you can also opt for an amplifier only 4G if for example your waiting room or your self does not receive this network …

You are bound to find the amplifier you need …

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