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BlaBlaCar: Carpooling 2.0

BlaBlaCar is an application that can solve a lot of problems everyday when you do not have a car and want to go to a specific place.

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For motorists it is also the way to make their trips profitable by charging one, two, three, four or five passengers who go in the same direction as you. Cheaper than the train, BlaBlaCar is the opportunity to go see your parents, go to the sea, visit a lounge or join his / her darling without cracking his PEL. For the drivers, it is enough to publish its date of departure, its route and to wait for possible passengers.

Most of the time, gas costs are largely covered by the participation of your carpoolers. And for people interested in a trip, it will just look for people who go to the same place as you when you want to leave. It may be necessary to arrange a meeting point, but the earlier you go, the more likely you are to find a driver who is leaving near you. For participants (passengers and drivers) it will just add his photo and register a piece of identification. It is not mandatory, but it will encourage others to trust. You can put a bio and if you are a driver, specify restrictions or allow certain things: animals, smoker, music, talkative … or not, etc. With regard to the risks related to the journey, the insurances are included in the expenses of assumption of responsibility. You have no excuse: go see Naples (and come back alive!)

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