Bizarrely, malware formats your external hard drive

The worst prank you can come up with. The WD My Book Live suffers from malware, which allows remote deletion of its contents.

You usually store important files on an external hard drive. Whether that is for business or just for yourself. Holiday photos, documents and so on. Often people see this as the backup of their files. In short, if something happens to the external hard drive, the files are lost. In that context, something terrible is happening with the My Book Live.

WD My Book Live malware

This Western Digital external hard drive is connected to the internet as a NAS. This way you can access your files remotely. But also malicious parties if the security is not good. The latter has caused malware to circulate that erases the contents of this external hard drive. Everything is gone.

WD urges My Book Live owners to disconnect from the Internet. As long as there is no fix yet, you should keep the external hard drive offline. Only in this way will others not be able to access it remotely to unleash the malware on the My Book Live. Surely your biggest fear is when important data gets lost on your beloved external hard drive.. (via Ars Technica)

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