Bizarre record! Play Super Mario blindfolded

Someone set a bizarre record to his name. Namely playing Super Mario blindfolded and we have the images.

Super Mario. Every gamer knows the game and many of us grew up with it. Enjoy hours of fun playing with the recognizable man on the Nintendo NES. Some people may take it a little too seriously. There is now someone who has set a bizarre record with Super Mario. A real world record in fact.

Bizarre record Super Mario

Playing the game in question can be seen as a true sport. Gamers spend hours trying to be the fastest. This is often broadcast on the Twitch platform. Some gamers find this still too easy and are looking for an extra challenge. They succeeded: a gamer from the United States put on a blindfold and set a new world record.

The man goes by the name ‘Crescendo’ and it took 11 minutes and 55 seconds. Without looking. The world record for a normal Mario speed run is 4 minutes and 54 seconds, so it took him well longer. But that’s not surprising.

To practise

Of course you can’t just do this. So the gamer has practiced, but surprisingly not for that long. He played the game blindfolded for 40 hours before making the record attempt. The images were posted on Twitch and YouTube, see the bottom of this article. He finishes the run on memory and sound. He knows where he is when he bumps into something and when he hears certain sounds.

The fire flowers in particular give him a lot of insight into where he is. For the rest you must have a great memory. Check the images and decide whether you will also give it a try.

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