Bizarre: in this country Netflix is ​​obliged to broadcast TV

Very different practices than with us in the Netherlands. Netflix is ​​obliged to broadcast TV in this country, as an extension of the film and series offer.

In a country like the Netherlands, Netflix has free rein when it comes to film and series offerings. But that is not the case everywhere. In Russia, the American streaming service has to deal with completely different rules. For example, Netflix is ​​obliged to stream 20 channels with Russian television channels. That has to do with a law in the country.

Netflix Russia

In Russia, streaming services with more than 100,000 daily users, including Netflix, must comply with a certain law. That law states that the services are also included in the package for Russian television. And although this does not fit at all with a service like Netflix, they must still comply with this law. The alternative is for Netflix to disappear from Russia. But of course, in such a large country with millions of inhabitants, the American company does not want to be absent.

Netflix also has no freedom to broadcast movies and series in Russia. The content must meet government requirements. For example, it is generally known that the Russian government does not like lgbtqia+ content. Series or films that actively promote this cannot simply be broadcast in the country. (via The Moscow Times)

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