Bitter for Huawei: Former daughter builds dream smartphone

While Huawei’s hands are still tied, Honor can now give full throttle. The former subsidiary of the Chinese manufacturer is working on a smartphone that Huawei would no doubt also like to offer. Two properties are in particular focus.

Whether in private or business: When a separation occurs, there is often a winner and a loser. The forced break between Honor and Huawei is no exception. While the latter has to watch as smartphone sales collapse more and more, Honor is now released from the shackles of US sanctions – and uses the newly won freedom.

New Huawei separation: Honor is working on a smartphone with Snapdragon 888

As early as July, it reports PhoneArena citing Chinese sources, the group is said to be a new smartphone flagship to introduce. The main focus here is on one contemporary equipment lie, so is from one Snapdragon 888 the speech. This would make Honor’s new top smartphone the currently the best Qualcomm chip use.

That would be in stark contrast to the ex-parent company Huawei, which has hardly any access to modern components for smartphones due to the significantly tightened US sanctions last year. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei recently announced that Huawei would withdraw from the sale of 5G cell phones. So Honor builds the smartphone from which Huawei is currently only dreaming may.

You can find out what makes the Snapdragon 888 so special in the video:

Honor smartphones are to be given access to the Google Play Store

This development has emerged since the split. In January it was announced that Honor was able to convince many former Huawei partners to work together. Including top-class names such as Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung and Sony. Google is still missing on the list, but Honor is said to have started talks with the US company to enable access to the Google Play Store and the Google apps on future Honor smartphones.

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