Bitcoin through the roof approaching $ 35,000 worth

Even if you got into Bitcoin for Christmas, you can now get out with a nice profit, the coin is approaching $ 35,000.

In recent days, Bitcoin has been behaving at an old-fashioned level again. Not tens or hundreds of dollar increases, but thousands of dollars in just a few hours. Investors love the course of events. Buy, sell, buy and sell. As long as it goes well, there is a lot of fun to be had.

For the time being, there seems to be no end to the Bitcoin tunnel, the value of $ 35,000 is up for grabs. This morning the currency was pretty close with a value of nearly $ 34,700. At the time of writing, the coin stands at $ 33,500. However, there is no sensible word to say about that. If you read this article half an hour after publication, the facts could be very different.

For many, Bitcoin is a kind of grabbing lottery that you can now earn a lot of money with in a short time. There is also a danger here. The sky is the limit and record after record, there seems to be no end to the price value. But the Bitcoin is a financial instrument and a correction will undoubtedly happen sooner or later, whether at $ 35,000 or $ 40,000. These are exciting times for the enthusiast.

Image: Coindesk

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