Birthdays are now available in Google Contacts

The contact list within Google is being improved. For example, there is now a notification when someone has a birthday. This way you no longer have to rely on what’s on Facebook or keep a physical birthday calendar, with the risk of forgetting it anyway. There is more to celebrate: Google Contacts gets a new navigation on the tablet.

Google Contacts

In the new version of Contacts, 9to5Google has spotted that the app will soon help you remember someone’s birthday, just from Contacts. In Google Messages, a conversation with someone is highlighted and you get a notification that you might want to congratulate that person because it’s their birthday.

The app reminds you of something that is often forgotten and that will probably make you more sympathetic to the other person. Besides that it is also nice to find out how someone celebrates his birthday, what the new age is and maybe even what he or she would like to get.

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You have to do something if you want to receive a notification about a birthday; you have to enable per person that you would like to receive a reminder. You can’t turn it on for everyone at once. That is very inconvenient for some, while others may think: fine. It probably depends on the length of your contact list and the nature of your relationship with most of the people on that list whether or not you would consider that an addition.

In addition, something new is coming to Google Contacts, namely a new navigation and a new design for tablets. The large navigation at the bottom disappears and there are now sections at the top such as Contacts, Highlights and ‘Fix & manage’. Not all horizontally anymore, because that didn’t work very well on horizontally positioned screens. Two frames are used for filling. Contacts are on the left and their details are on the right.

Birthdays are now available in Google Contacts

The new design comes with version 4.3 of the app. Contacts Do you already have it?

Image: Lydia Nada

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