Birgit Schuurman shares sweet photo of sons: ‘And then suddenly I had two’

‘And then suddenly I had two sons… Chico & Jimi’ Birgit writes with a photo of her offspring.

Ill at ease

Jimi was born on New Year’s Eve. ‘The best end of the year!’ Birgit wrote on Instagram at the time. A week earlier, she let it be known that she found it ‘super awkward’ to have two sons later. “How lucky I am to be able to experience this again. The chances were really slim that it would work for all sorts of medical reasons (yes, that was regardless of age…but all sorts of long-overlooked physical ailments)’, she wrote. “Luck has been totally on our side. And Chico is going to be the sweetest big brother EVER, no doubt about it!’

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