Bird wants to put a stop to drunk drivers through puzzles

In the last few years, one form of transport has become more and more visible on German roads: the e-scooter. In addition to many providers who have been bustling around in the large metropolises since the means of transport was approved, more and more private individuals are also buying such a vehicle. But many are not aware that the classic alcohol limits also apply here.

The e-scooter has become popular with the drunk in particular. Many now leave their car at home, but then drive through the city on a scooter with alcohol at up to 25 kilometers per hour. This is a problem; fatal accidents can happen at such speeds. Bird would now like to test a potential solution.

Typing in a word should make all the difference (Image: Bird)

The approach is not new, Lime’s competitors have implemented a similar approach for almost two years. This is a functionality called “Safe Start” that is active between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. and requires a code to be entered. With the title “Be safe, don’t drink and bird”, tenants should pause for a moment and then enter a word.

Entering the word is not magic and should also be possible for drunk people, but Bird is not interested in the entry itself. Because the user should pause briefly, think about it and, in this way, possibly cancel the process himself. It remains to be seen in the future whether this will have any effect

Sometimes all you need is that one reminder, that critical moment of deterrence, to change someone’s mind and prevent a potentially unsafe situation from taking place. Safe Start from Bird helps afford that moment by asking scooter riders to slow down, step back and think, ‘Do I really want to be taking a risk right now by operating a vehicle under the influence?’ Ultimately this is a step in the right direction towards keeping our streets safe and secure for everyone. ” Mark Marquis, Tiffin, Ohio Police Department

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