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Beware of malware that looks like Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player for Android has been a thing of the past for a long time, but there are still fake applications that masquerade as it. The latest case brought to your attention by the portal PhoneArena, contains malicious malware.

Another case of the popular FlutBot malware

In essence, it is “FluBot” type malware. This means that you will receive a link to download it from someone you trust 100%. For example, a close friend, family member, or someone else on your contact list. The link leads to a fake website that pretends to be the official site for a fake Adobe Flash Player.

Fake Adobe Flash Player Source:

Once downloaded and installed, your smartphone will be infected with malware. One of the symptoms of this infection will be unauthorized access to your contacts, as well as the ability to send text messages without the user’s permission. The main goal is to always steal your money using the bank credentials that are stored in your smartphone. The secondary purpose is to steal your contacts and messages.

Uninstalling a malicious application will usually not help

In the case of FluBot malware, it is then almost impossible to trace or estimate the number of (especially European) victims. The identification and subsequent correction must therefore be done by the user himself. Simply uninstalling the application will usually not help, so the best solution is to perform a factory reset and thus erase all data.

How FlutBot Malware Works | Source:

To prevent such cases, it is recommended that you carefully review applications installed from sources other than the Google Play Store. Alternatively, do not install them from unknown sources at all. In this particular case, however, identifying a potential threat is easy. If one has at least a basic overview of mobile technologies, one knows that the end of support for Flash Player began in 2017 and was completed last year.

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