better privacy, first Apple car and more

We’ve had another week full of Apple news. Here we list the most important iPhone news.

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Apple begins rollout of new privacy feature that warns of ‘spying’ apps and websites

Apple has begun rolling out a privacy feature for iOS 14 that allows iPhone users to block trackers. These are installed by apps and websites to map your internet behavior. The rollout is estimated to be completed in early 2021.

With the new feature, iPhone users will now see a pop-up that indicates which app or website is trying to track your internet activities. Companies, such as Facebook, can also indicate on this screen why they place trackers. iPhone users then choose whether or not to allow apps.

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‘Apple TV 2021 will have a strong focus on gaming and new remote control’

Apple TV 2021 rumor

“Apple is working hard on a new remote control for the Apple TV 2021,” says trusted insider Mark Gurman, based on his sources. The remote is said to have special ‘Find My’ options, named after the app that is installed on every iPhone by default. That should make it easier to find it.

In addition, the company would also consider designing a dedicated gaming controller specifically for Apple TV. According to Gurman, this ties in well with the focus of the company. With Apple Arcade and the tvOS App Store, Apple seems to be focusing on gaming to make the device more attractive to a new audience.

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Apple releases first car in 2024, gets revolutionary battery

Press agency Reuters spoke to anonymous sources involved in the development of the Apple vehicle. According to them, Apple plans to release its first car in 2024.

Apple autonomous system

The car is intended for consumers and uses LiDAR, a technology that is also present on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The vehicle uses these sensors to scan the environment and measure distances, for example. With the help of these sensors, the car knows its location and that of other road users.

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‘iPhone 12 chip beats chip intended for Android phones in 2021’

The brand new chip from Qualcomm is less good in almost every respect than both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11 from 2019. This can be seen in the benchmarking overview that the chipmaker shared with the world this week.

The fact that a chip from 2020 and 2019 wins over a newer one from 2021 says a lot about the way Apple designs its products. Unlike Android, Apple largely produces both the software and the hardware itself, so that the chip is optimally tuned to the iPhone. The chip from Qualcomm, on the other hand, ends up in all kinds of Android phones, making this optimization less good.

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