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And it is done. The first week of June is over, we didn’t even have time to look back at it. He was really nourished by various announcements, speculations and very unexpected news, which of course resonate with Friday’s summary. We have reverberations of information about Sony and its games, a nutritious calendar of upcoming E3 conferences and broadcasts, and interesting facts about STALKER 2 or the source code of Cyberpunk.

List of topics

00:57 – F1 2021 will offer a new damage model after years. Outside are the first shots and information about story mode, graphics, sounds and changes in physics

08:23 – Timetable E3: the most important events and conferences. Who, when and what will be shown in the coming weeks. Take a look at the list of shows

20:56 – Horizon Forbidden West will run on PS5 at 60 fps. The developers also present a new system of rock climbing, melee combat and comment on the size of the map

28:13 – The authors of Concrete Genie are making a new game for PlayStation 5. It is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and is being created in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation

31:40 – Cory Barlog defends his team and takes the delay of God of War. Fans express dissatisfaction with the release on PS4. They verbally attack individual developers

37:54 – The original canceled version of the STALKER 2 event leaked to the Internet. Fans explore fragments of the story, maps, enemies and quests. The game was also to offer multiplayer

43:30 – The source code of Cyberpunk 2077 apparently leaked to the Internet. Although the original auction was canceled, hackers changed their attitude. They offered passwords for $ 10,000

51:57 – A museum will be built from the former Nintendo factory. At the place where the playing cards were made, fans will remember the history of the famous company

55:18 – The authors of XCOM are said to be working on a tow truck with heroes from Marvel. The Borderlands spin-off with Tiny Tina is also set up. People from 2K apparently didn’t watch their E3 presentation

59:48 – Konami talked about the graphics of the new year’s Pro Evolution Soccer series. Thanks to the Unreal Engine, designers can put some ideas into the game without the help of programmers

1:03:37 – Developers at Riot Games announce a mobile version of Valorant. A year after its release on the PC, it is aimed at other players. It will be separate and will not allegedly affect the main part of the game

1:06:29 – Timetable: Continuation of Bloodstained, Atari VCS, further improvements to No Man’s Sky graphics, King of Fighters 15 postponement, the end of Call of Duty Online in China and a look back at the presentation of VR games for PlayStation VR

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