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Best gadgets to start the summer with!

Summer vacation has really started. In this article we have described the best gadgets for you to start the summer radiantly.

Summer in the Netherlands has really started and so have the holidays. Many people go on holiday in their own country or make the most of it at home. Or take the plunge and plan a trip abroad. Wherever you go, these gadgets will get you through the summer.

Best gadgets to get through the summer

The range of gadgets is huge these days. Many of these devices come directly from China through AliExpress. That is why it may take a little longer before you have them at home. But that should not spoil the fun.

UV sterilizer

One of the worst things you regularly touch is your smartphone. Especially when you go on holiday or when it gets warmer, the filth only increases. You can do something about that, which is to buy the UV sterlilizer. The device also tackles the bacteria that are on your phone. In this time where corona is not gone yet, that is super handy. Scientists are not yet sure whether this really helps.

Image via Vmax

Mini karaoke microphone

Now that your smartphone is completely clean, you are of course in for a game of karaoke singing. You can use this mini microphone well with that. Just plug it into your phone and off you go. With the mic you can record your songs with good sound quality and clear speech. Just download a karaoke app.

Image via Kikkerland

Cable organizer

You take some cables with you when you go on vacation. That of your smartphone, your iPad, the inflator for your air mattress and so on. All those cables eventually get entangled in each other and results in one big chaos. Not the intention if you are looking for peace. This organizer will help you with that. All cables conveniently in a bag!

Image via Ruberg

Sparkling water

If it’s really hot, you should of course drink a lot of water. And many of us like sparkling water better. Also to mix with! Of course you can buy bottles, but plastic is out of the question these days so we have to find something about that. With this gadget you can make your own sparkling water at home. Costs a bit, but it will make your summer better. Cheers.

Image via Aarke

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