Bernie Sanders becomes an internet meme

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The stars of Joe Biden’s inauguration were, of course, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In the network, however, Bernie Sanders overtakes the two. He was also there and became a meme.

It’s his posture and his outfit. The former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is thus inspiring the Internet community. Wrapped in a simple parka and equipped with an exaggeration called gloves, Sanders showed himself at the inauguration of his party colleague.

Is that Trump?

The US media described the appearance of the high-ranking Democrat and Senator from Vermont as “grumpy chic”. The crooked mask and the crossed arms and legs reinforced this impression. If the defeated Donald Trump had attended the inauguration ceremony, one might have expected a similar posture from him.

In this case, too, Twitter proved to be the ultimate meme machine. In a very short time, resourceful users had cut out the picture of Sanders and mounted it in the most impossible motifs.

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Not only users in the USA were creative:

In Germany and Austria, too, many, including official accounts, felt compelled to transport the Sanders meme.

Anyone who wants to sit in front of Hern Sanders’ own front door can do so with him this Heroku app that the Democrats build into any cityscape, provided that there are street view shots for them.

It is not the first time that Sanders has shown his meme potential. His gloves even have their own Twitter account. You first achieved fame on the occasion of a performance a year ago. Under the account BerniesMittens The best pictures are shown with Sanders and his – according to the Los Angeles Times – mittens made from recycled sweaters and old plastic bottles.

By the way: If you are into memes, you shouldn’t miss the DiaperDon. And Trump advisor Paula White has also earned her meme.

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