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The new post-apocalyptic survival First doesn’t have a very practical name when it comes to googling, but it caught my eye at first glance. A game with horror elements from the SurvGames studio wants to show what a world in which nature “dies” would look like. The player grabs the last living person on Earth who travels the world with his dog. Our task will be to solve the mystery of the very end of the world.

We meet our four-legged companion during the pilgrimage and treat his injuries.

We will visit many places. We will travel through a radioactive wasteland, step into destroyed cities, and face the mutated enemies that now inhabit and rule the Earth. The end was said to have come suddenly and humanity was doomed to extinction. We are said to be the only hope of our kind if there is to be a future.

We meet our four-legged companion during the pilgrimage and treat his injuries. This will earn his gratitude and loyalty. The dog will help us find useful things, warn us of impending danger and also engage in combat when necessary. But direct confrontation is not always the best strategy, the game warns.

It was the relative loneliness of the main thing together with the stylization of the world that attracted me to the project. And of course the protagonist’s suit. How often do you see a man in a spacesuit used by astronauts running around the ground? After all, from some indications, it seems that the protagonist is indeed an astronaut who has returned to the surface.

Of course, an integral part of the game will be other indispensable elements of all survivors, such as the production of their own items and the search for supplies. By the way, this means the need to feed and equip not only yourself, but also your four-legged partner. But it is precisely the story by which the novelty could differentiate itself from the competition, which is really numerous and very tough in this field.

The game First will be powered by Unreal Engine 5. The title is currently only aimed at the PC and has no set release date.

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