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Be careful of burning! These apps prevent

Today it will be sweltering hot. Burning is then lurking, with these apps you can prevent that.

The temperature continues to rise today. The risk is that you could burn yourself. That is not pleasant and not good for your body. So be careful. For example, use apps to check when you have to get out of the sun. In our opinion, these are the best.

No more burning with these apps

The first app is an app that has a clock that warns you when you need to get out of the sun. Especially handy if you’ve already had some beers and forget it yourself. You have to enter Qsun (Android and iOS) in the app when you have applied yourself, after which the app tells you when you have to apply again. This will prevent you from turning red. You can also find out via the app what kind of sunscreen you should use that suits your skin.

Another useful app is UVLens (Android and iOS). The app checks the weather in your place. It then gives you insight into the day. For example, on a colored clock you can see at what time of day you have to watch out for the sun. It also says whether you are safe that day or should be careful about sitting in the sun. You can also create a profile. For example, you enter your eye color and skin type. The app will then calculate how long it will take you to burn.

Many people ignore the ‘rules’ and think that one application in the morning is enough. That is not true. For these people, the Sunface (Android and iOS) app is here. You take a photo of yourself that will be edited afterwards. You get it back and then you see what you’ll look like in fifteen years if you don’t smear. Confronting!

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