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Battlelands Royale is the umpteenth battle royale, but with nice twist


Battlelands Royale does not work very differently from PUBG or Fortnite, but is distinguished by its own fantasy world that continues to surprise.

Battlelands Royale: refreshing battle royale-topper

Thanks to the immense popularity of battle royale games such as Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), this genre can no longer be ignored from the Play Store. For those who have been looking for the big names, Battlelands Royale is a refreshing battle royale.

Battlelands Royale has been available for a few months, but not long ago it has had a big update. This makes the gameplay more flexible, you can pick up even more weapons and gadgets and the world you play in has become even more imaginative.


In every game you are dropped on an island with 32 players, who have to survive in an increasingly smaller area. The fight revolves around who is left over last, and thus runs away with the profit. With the left stick you can run around the island, while you can aim and shoot on the screen with the right stick.

By winning matches, you always reach a higher level and you can gradually unlock all kinds of rewards. With this you can, for example, provide your character with a different look or a better parachute.

Original details

Nice is that the map you play on is very diverse, and in some areas you feel like playing a mini-game. For example if you end up in the maze, or the old barracks near the train tracks where you have to outsmart other players.

In addition you come across nice details such as sushi, fish or steaks as flags and obstacles of the weirdest objects. Also with the items you can win and buy to give your character its own appearance, Battlelands Royale remains quite original.

Moreover, the pace is high. For example, the play space on the island is getting smaller at high speed, but you can also count on regular supply drops so that you do not get up quickly without bullets or weapons.

In addition to the solo mode, it is also possible to form a team with a friend or any other player. Furthermore, the app gives you daily challenges, where you can earn extra rewards. In combination with the simple operation, the game remains so fun for gamers of all levels.

Battlelands Royale is free to play, but for special clothing items or play packages you have to pay. The only downside is that you regularly have to cancel an offer for a battle pass or temporary action.

Download Battlelands Royale in the Play Store (free)


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