Battlefield 6 (2042) reveal – This is how you watch live this afternoon

This afternoon, DICE and EA are finally officially organizing a reveal event for Battlefield 6. So you can watch the reveal live.

It was already announced that today is; today, DICE and EA are finally revealing the next Battlefield. Details about the upcoming shooter have already been revealed in several leaks. Today the official images will finally be released and we will know for sure when the game will take place. For example, you can check the official Battlefield 6 (or 2042) reveal on June 9 at 4:00 PM Dutch time.

Battlefield 6 reveal

In the afternoon, fans have two spots to check out the reveal of the next Battlefield. Via YouTube (below) and Twitch, the developer is livestreaming new information from the upcoming game.

It is not quite known what exactly we can expect tonight. EA and DICE will in any case come with a Battlefield reveal trailer. That will be a cinematic that conveys the setting and atmosphere of the game. But we may also see the first gameplay.

On the other hand, later this month EA is hosting its own E3-style event. In terms of timing, that would be the perfect opportunity to show gameplay. Today we are all enjoying the cinematic trailer and then the hype train quietly drives on to the gameplay reveal in a few weeks.

For the time being, based on leaks, we know for sure that the game will be called Battlefield 2042. The near future is well illustrated in several screenshots and the leaked trailer. The game will be released on current and last-gen consoles. The release date will also be announced tonight; for now, we know that Battlefield will be released around the holiday season of 2021.

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