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Although we’ve covered a few articles and a separate video on the latest PlayStation games, we return to the issue of postponing the release of the next installment of God of War. As PlayStation Studios President Hermen Hulst announced, the game will not be released until 2022, despite expectations, and will be available for older PS4s in addition to the PS5 console from the moment of release. The first of the reports did not please anyone, but given the limited possibilities during the coronavirus pandemic, this is an understandable decision that will hopefully have a positive effect on the quality of the final product. With the adoption of the second report that the expected news will also look at the PS4, it was not so easy, because while from the point of view of players who have not yet reached the new console, it is a very nice bonus, PS5 owners see it as technological betrayal. They do not hesitate to express their outrage, and unfortunately some once again resort to personal attacks on individual team members, which is not to the liking of creative director Cory Barlog. On Twitter, he spoke out against the insults of studio staff in Santa Monica and people working at Sony headquarters, and took all responsibility for recent announcements.

The disintegration of the whole incident was insults of the streamer, influencer, but also Sony Santa Monica employee Alanah Pearce. Although she is probably used to such behavior, she was surprised by what appeared in the messages this time. Someone insults her, suggesting that she is not a member of the team and that if she would rather work instead of thinking about how the sinterals from her Twitch raped her, God of War would definitely be released this year and exclusively on PlayStation 5. Although this message can’t be taken seriously, Barlog demonstrates how incapable people are in keeping their emotions in check and asks them to leave team members alone. “If you want to be mad at someone about God of War – procrastination, PS4 / 5, trolls, subtitle size, Valkyrie Sigrun, whatever – then be mad at me. I made all the decisions. I caused it, “says the creative director. He also adds that each member of the team has a place and has become one because he is exceptional in his field. “I’m really lucky to have someone who willingly uses his talent and intellect to create my inventions. For some reason, they do it and I really like them for it, “adds Barlog.

If you make a mistake, you will accept it, correct it and move on, “says Barlog, reiterating that he gave the order to launch this year, just as he is responsible for the postponement to 2022.

However, there are further reactions to his contributions, and one of the players asks the author of God of War if he ever sincerely believed that the game would actually see the light of day in 2021. Barlog replies that it really was that he certainly did not lie to defended Sony and that he just made a mistake in his estimate. “If you make a mistake, you will accept it, correct it and move on,” Barlog says, reiterating that he was instructed to launch it this year, as well as being responsible for postponing 2022. However, there are many under the incriminating post. positive messages, and eventually Cory Barlog reconciles with his critic. “I accept what you have said and I apologize. It’s good to know, because I thought Sony’s leadership was only raising expectations about the PS5. Use your time to complete the game and once again – I didn’t mean it badly, “says the fan and Barlog confirms that everything is fine.

So much for the emotions that are also debated by discussions in our basin, perhaps the players will learn a lesson from this, at least for a while.

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