‘Bar shame, the strangest word there is’

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After flesh and fly shame, there is now perch shame. Because: children are polluting creatures, aren’t they? We shared a statement about it on social media and that generated a lot of reactions.

There is a lot of reaction to the statement about bar shame, but that is partly because there is confusion about what exactly it means. Someone responds with: ‘Shall I tell you honestly that when I heard the word bar shame I thought of being ashamed of your body and all your body fluids during childbirth. That everyone can look into your whole having and carving. Wow, then I think this bar shame is the strangest word and meaning there is.’

Smaller families

Some other reactions are: ‘Well that again… I shouldn’t think about putting an entire team on this planet, but let everyone do what makes them happy…’ and ‘I have 7 and I’m very proud of them !’. Yet another writes: ‘Baar shame? While now the families are a lot smaller than before where many people took more than 5 or 6 children. People have to act normal’.

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Everyday decisions

There seems to be no question of real bar shame among the reactions. People mainly think that the behavior of people themselves should change. Regardless of whether you have children or not. For example, someone writes: ‘Baar shame? Think that it is indeed no longer of this time to bring unlimited children into the world, but think that it is more important to make more conscious choices during everyday decisions. So consume less, eat more consciously, deal more consciously with what the earth gives us. But there will probably also be people who find 1 or 2 children too much for that reason.’

Another responds with: ‘Being ashamed of everything doesn’t make you feel good. Should have thought before or don’t do it. Don’t eat a steak first and then cry that the cow is dead. Or fly to the other side of the world and start whining about emissions.’

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