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Balok Z: The Ancient Puzzles, Mystic Guardian VIP and 8 more app deals

On Sunday you can also put your feet up and play some games in peace and quiet. Maybe the right game is among today’s app deals, all of which are free for a short time.

Balok Z: The Ancient Puzzles "title =" Balok Z: The Ancient Puzzles "width =" 30% "class =" alignnone "/> <img src=

If you are looking for a challenging and at the same time relaxing game then you can not miss a puzzle. The rules of this app are simple. Just fill in the playing field with the existing forms. Slide and turn them until the level is solved. There is no time limit.

From 0.69 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(15) – ∅: 3.9

Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG


It will wake up memories as long as you’ve been through the days of the old consoles RPG. Immerse yourself in a fantastic world of magic and play games in 7 different classes. Develop your skills and use them against both simple opponents and more than 60 bosses.


From 3.69 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(10623) – ∅: 4.3

Email Pro "title =" Email Pro "width =" 30% "class =" alignnone "/> <img src=

You do not have the pre-installed email app? Then the Play Store offers some good alternatives with much more features. Maybe this tool is right for you. A test with full functionality and without advertising, nothing stands in the way thanks to the offer.


From 4.49 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(2884) – ∅: 4.3

Camera 4K Pro – Perfect, Selfie, Video, Photo "title =" Camera 4K Pro - Perfect, Selfie, Video, Photo "width =" 30% "class =" alignnone "/> <img src=

If your own smartphone supports 4k shots, you can of course also do this with the pre-installed camera app. But not all offer such functionality as this tool. The editing options exceed the vast majority of stock apps by far.


From 0.59 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(225) – ∅: 4,1



Drop the laser through 120 levels. But not to shoot at monsters or aliens. This game is a puzzle in which the light has to be diverted in many ways to reach the finish.


From 1.39 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(2117) – ∅: 4.4

Math Puzzles PRO 2019 "title =" Math Puzzles PRO 2019 "width =" 30% "class =" alignnone "/> <img src=

Math is not just in school. Even in the form of a game on a smartphone, the math occurs. Find patterns and loosely through logical thinking the levels in this game. 70 Brain Teasers do not sound like much, but they can be busy for a while.


From 3.79 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(927) – ∅: 3,8

Wivom – Icon Pack "title =" Wivom - Icon Pack "width =" 30% "class =" alignnone "/> <img src=

Anyone who reads regularly knows this provider already. Today almost all icon sets are free again. Look around the developer’s portfolio and find new icons or add to your collection.


From 0.59 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(6) – ∅: 4,2

Noble VIP: Mage’s Adventure


Become a great magician in this game. Since this is a typical clicker, you must always be careful of the monsters that attack you. However, you can also go to counterattack.


From 2.79 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(313) – ∅: 3.5

Celebrate a Party VIP – Grow Heroes "title =" Celebrating a Party VIP - Grow Heroes "width =" 30% "class =" alignnone "/> <img src=

Go on a hunt for monsters with your warriors. There is also plenty of gold in her dungeon to help you upgrade your weapons and equipment. Since it is an RPG, there is of course a little more to do and discover. You just have to go on the journey.


From 0.89 to 0,00 EUR reduced

(179) – ∅: 4,1

Unit Converter (Pega Pro) – Premium "title =" Unit Converter (Pega Pro) - Premium "width =" 30% "class =" alignnone "/> <img src=

There are an infinite number of units. You can not even know them all and certainly not at all. With this tool you can easily convert miles to miles and much more complicated conversions. Even currencies are among the more than 12,000 units.


From 6.99 to 0,00 EUR reduced


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