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Baking oliebollen? These are the tastiest recipes

We start this list of course with a recipe for the classic oliebol: the one and only. Add some currants and raisins as desired and bake.

Children and the deep fryer do not go well together, but you can of course put your little things to work to decorate the oliebollen. Because don’t these colorful bulbs look festive (and super tasty)? Here’s how to make them, with chocolate icing and all kinds of sprinkles.

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Caramel sea salt donuts

Are you a fan of caramel sea salt? Then you should try these oliebollen.

Use the recipe for the classic bun and replace the currants with pieces of caramel-sea salt-chocolate, which melt as soon as you start baking. The idea alone makes your mouth water, right?

Oliebollen with mango

Or replace the apple cubes for pieces of mango: a combination that you might not think about, but is definitely worth a try. Here you can read how to put these oliebollen on the table.

A touch of cinnamon makes these oliebollen extra winters, but they are also a lot healthier: you don’t bake them in the fryer, but in the oven. Easy too.

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