Baby Connect (life notebook)

Baby Connect will allow you to keep track of all your baby’s events and activities. You will be able to record his meals, his naps, his diaper changes, his feedings (as well as the breast pump sessions), but also his mood, his milestones, or his health information. You will be able to know exactly when your baby last ate and for how long, since when she has been awake, or which side to breastfeed for the next feed.

Several stopwatches make it easy to measure how long you sleep, eat or do any other activity. Numerous statistics and graphs make it possible to visualize the evolution of your child and to identify major trends or possible problems.

You can email the information to your family, nanny or pediatrician. The information is automatically synchronized on each device. If you change or lose your phone, the information is not lost and you can still connect to with a browser or with another phone.
All information will be available immediately by your spouse, babysitter, nanny or daycare. You will be able to receive updates on your phone even when you are away. In the middle of the night, your partner will be able to know exactly what time you fed the baby, so they won’t need to wake up, so you can sleep peacefully.

You will be able to record all health information: temperature, diseases, vaccines and drugs. You will also be able to follow the evolution of weight, height and head circumference, compare with the WHO percentiles and display the growth chart.
Your baby will receive better care thanks to better knowledge of his rhythm, and thanks to greater communication between family members, the nanny and the nursery. A telephone is not essential since each user can connect to to register and view the information.

Main features:
– Easy monitoring of feeding (bottles, breastfeeding, solid foods), diaper changes, sleep, activities, mood, important stages in your baby’s life.
– Monitoring of breast pump sessions.
– Monitoring of administration of drugs, vaccines, diseases, temperature, weight, height and head circumference.
– The data is automatically synchronized on the account of each authorized user.
– Sending reports by e-mail to spouses, doctors and nannies.
– Sending by e-mail a .csv file compatible with Excel.
– Stopwatch to measure the duration of feedings. The last side used is indicated as a reminder.
– Stopwatch to measure the duration of naps, activities, diet, mood, …
– 100 predefined activities.
– The list of activities can be personalized, new activities can be added.
– Configure notifications to be alerted to new entries when the application is not open.
– Graphic and statistical monitoring of sleep, diapers, food, breastfeeding, bottle, …
– Growth curves, with percentiles (US or WHO).

– 7 day free trial.
– An automatically renewable subscription is required to register a child’s entries after the 7 day trial period (not required for read-only access). A subscription is valid for all devices of all family members.
– A “Family” subscription can be used for up to 5 children, a “Professional” subscription can be used for up to 15 children.

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