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AW Smartphone Photography Podcast Episode 5: AI Is Increasingly Important

Which phones do you take the best photos with? What are the most useful editing apps and what role does AI play in smartphone photography? Jelle Passchier and Sebastien Marien from Androidworld answer that and many other questions in this podcast series together with smartphone photographer Linda Smit (@vlinderlin).

AW Podcast smartphone photography

Last week we shined our ring light on photography accessories. This episode is about artificial intelligence. We look at how AI ensures that phones with their small camera sensors can really get the most out of it.

How does smartphone photographer Linda see the increasing importance of AI? What is an NPU and why is Google building its own chipset aimed at artificial intelligence? We’re also looking at future improvements and ways in which generative AI can make our photos better, but less real at the same time. Think, for example, of Dall-E2 from OpenAI.

The AW Smartphone Photography Podcast is a short series of six episodes. If you missed the first four, you can listen to them below or watch them on YouTube. In the latest episode, we talk about the best apps to edit photos. An important part that is often wrongly forgotten.

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