AW Poll: wireless earphones are gaining momentum with you

Years ago, wireless headphones, in the form of on-, over- or in-ear variants, were hardly sold. In addition to the advantages of wired earphones, such as ‘no need to charge’ and ‘better sound’, wireless earphones were quite expensive. What will you buy in 2021: wired or wireless? Read it in the results of the recent AW Poll.

Wireless or wired headphones

Wireless headphones, both in, on and over-ear variants, have evolved over the years into everyday items of use. There are several explanations for this, including the price – wireless variants of earphones are starting to become more and more accessible. Years ago you paid ‘easily’ more than 200 euros for an average pair of fully wireless in-ear headphones. Nowadays you can pick up wireless earphones for around 100 euros, or even far below, that are not inferior to the most expensive wireless earphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds +.

Besides the price, the available functions on headphones play an important factor. Do you want ANC? Then the offer for this has grown considerably nowadays. Wireless headphones are also making it easier to operate your phone and there are more headphones that you can control from your phone – by adjusting EQ settings, among other things. Furthermore, the quality of wireless products improved, regardless of the segment. Part of this are the materials that are used, but also the battery life they offer.

What should not be forgotten about the evolution wave is the disappearance of the audio port on more and more devices. Certainly in the high-end segment – but also increasingly in the midrange segment – we see many phones without a 3.5mm audio port. A dongle basically solves the problem; however, many consumers see the disappearance of the port as a reason to buy wireless headphones. Although wired earphones have advantages in many areas, including that you do not have to charge them, wireless earphones are very nice in situations where you have to move a lot.

AW Poll, you use this

Wireless headphones (or earphones) are on the rise, that’s clear. At the same time, we do not know what type of headphones you use. In last Tuesday’s AW Poll, we proceeded to ask exactly that question: “What type of headphones or earphones do you use?” The result already seems to be clear, wireless earphones are by far one in the results. 81.1 percent of readers use wireless headphones. Less than 16 percent of readers who passed the polls said they use wired headphones.

AW Poll: wireless earphones are gaining momentum with you

Partly due to the design of the AW Poll, little can be said about the type of wireless or wired headphones that are most popular. However, a ‘large part’ of the group of wireless headphones seems to be in possession of in-ear earphones. Do you also like to wear in-ear earphones, or do you prefer over- or on-ear headphones? Be sure to let us know which earbuds you like to wear, or what the Androidworld editors should look to for future wireless headphones reviews.

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