AW Poll: Do you often use Google apps or alternatives?

Any Android phone with Play Store license will appear with Google’s apps. You will often find a separate folder on the home screen containing services such as: Maps, Gmail and Drive. Although it is of course never mandatory to get started with those apps. In this AW Poll we ask whether you use the apps from Google or often alternatives.

Google apps

If you own an Andorid phone, you automatically get it with the popular services from Google. Many people can no longer live without Maps, YouTube and their trusted Gmail inbox. If these apps are missing on their Android device, it seems difficult to convince the large group of consumers. This is evident with Huawei Mobile Services, Huawei’s own alternative without Google apps. Huawei has seen a decline in its market share since it is forced to push its own apps forward.

On the other hand, there are strong alternatives offered by many app developers. Evernote can be a strong alternative to Google Keep, Microsoft Word replaces Google Docs, and HERE WeGo has been a strong replacement for Google Maps for many years. If you take a look at browsers, there are also countless alternatives, each of which has its own advantages.

We even see that Google has difficulties in competing with certain services. Spotify is still many times more popular than YouTube Music, and Google doesn’t seem to find an effective strategy when it comes to messaging services. It is more difficult to find an alternative to YouTube, for example. There are other video platforms such as Vimeo, and TikTok can also be seen as a popular video app, but none of them can really replace YouTube completely.

AW Poll

So there are many alternatives on offer for Google apps, but certain services are also difficult to trade. On the other hand, we noticed from a previous AW Poll that you would like to look for privacy-friendly alternatives if they fulfill the most important tasks well.

Scroll through your app list and let us know if you mostly use Google apps or whether alternatives really take the upper hand on your phone. Leave your vote in the AW Poll and clarify your opinion in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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