AW Podcast Smartphone Photography Episode 6: Editing Photos

Which phones do you take the best photos with? And what are the most useful editing apps for Android and iOS? Jelle Passchier and Sebastien Marien from Androidworld answer these and many other questions in this podcast series together with smartphone photographer Linda Smit (@vlinderlin).

AW Podcast smartphone photography

Last week we talked extensively about AI and how it could change smartphone photography even more in the future. This time we close with the last action that good smartphone photography does: the post-processing. Too often photos are simply dropped on social media with an unnatural filter, when so much more is possible. You don’t even have to leave your phone for this, as there are tons of good editing apps for Android and iOS.

We therefore focus on these apps with this episode. At first we are talking about Snapseed. That is the favorite editing app on the Androidworld editors, but also that of photographer Linda Smit. We explain the many possibilities with Snapseed, but we also look at collages, Google Photos and other useful apps.

The AW Smartphone Photography Podcast is a short series of six episodes. If you missed the first five, you can listen to them below or watch them on YouTube.

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