AW Podcast Smartphone Photography Episode 1: Take the Best Shots

Which phones do you take the best photos with? What are the most useful editing apps and what role does AI play in smartphone photography? Sebastien Marien and Jelle Passchier of Androidworld answer that and many other questions in this podcast series together with smartphone photographer Linda Smit (@vlinderlin).

AW Podcast smartphone photography

In episode one of this six-part series, discuss why we all love taking pictures with our phones. Linda shares how she became a smartphone photographer with over 50,000 followers on Instagram. Does she notice that even more fellow photographers are using their phones?

We also explain why phones have become worthy replacements for more expensive cameras and how that will evolve in the future. Sony has made very striking statements about the future possibilities of smartphone cameras. What’s behind that?

Episode one is a nice introduction to what to expect in the next five weeks. In the following episodes we will discuss all kinds of topics related to smartphone photography. From photography tips to useful accessories, the role of AI and the best editing apps. This short series follows a second season after the first from 2018.

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