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Designer Andrew Crawshaw has spent much of his career with The Chinese Room. In it, he participated in the development of the horror film Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the VR title So Let us Melt and especially in the fantastic adventure Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Despite the fact that he left the studio in 2017, his passion for felt story games did not leave him, which is to be underlined by his newly announced novelty. It originates in Crawshaw’s Thunkd studio, which was founded in 2010 and has so far had only a small mobile issue of Lap Uranus. The novelty, named a bit obscure by The Magnificient Trufflepigs, but is supposed to be a traditional but very untraditional story adventure, in which you will experience a romantic drama accompanied by the sounds of a metal detector.

If we should pause at the name, Crawshaw and his team point to the property of pigs, to sniff the truffles hidden in the ground, for which they are often used in search of this gastronomic delicacy. In this case, it’s just a joke, which clearly refers to the content of the game. In it, we take on the role of Adam, who returns to his native village of Stanning somewhere in the English countryside. A once beloved woman named Beth comes to help with her missions, to find a second earring in a pair with the one she found as a young girl, for which they will both use the mentioned detector. However, you will not play in pairs according to the description and the first pictures, but alone, and during wandering through the English countryside, contact with Beth will be mediated by a radio. The novelty that is being prepared at this point is reminiscent of Firewatch, and it is possible that there will be a little more similarity.

The description on Steam entices that Adam will begin to learn more about Beth’s past over time and understand that some things are not what they seemed at first glance. At the same time, it will be up to the player to choose the right words in communication with Beth and help him cope with her demons. The slightly darker touch of the whole story is also pointed out by the mention of the weather, resp. stormy moments that can allegedly endanger and destroy everything. Of course, it’s difficult to estimate how serious The Magnificient Trufflepigs will be, like Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, at the moment, but given Andrew Crawshaw’s past, we wouldn’t be surprised at all.

However, it seems that the story will be largely the only thing that should hold the player’s attention, and if you are waiting for a sophisticated scrap metal simulator, you will probably be disappointed. As the developers themselves state, you will regularly find rather useless junk with the detector, which, on the other hand, should not prevent you from sharing a photo of the found “treasure” with Beth. The fact that everything is subject to storytelling ultimately underscores the involvement of actors Arthur Darville, whom you may know as Rory Williams from Doctor Who and Luci Fish, who starred in The Enemy Under Protection. We should see the games at the beginning of this summer on PC and Switch, where the title will be helped by the publishing label AMC Games, which recently brought the not very successful Airplane Mode.

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