Author Clock: gadget that makes telling time fun

Telling time is not very exciting. But the Author Clock turns it into something funny that keeps it fun.

It’s good to read a book once in a while. Especially in these times where we spend a large part of the day behind a screen. A little offline time is worth gold. But will it happen? That is a difficult question. In any case, the undersigned is very bad at reading books. Maybe the Author Clock is something for me.

This clock shows you the time in a very unique way. The clock tells you the time based on a quote. The concept is a hit on Kickstarter. Mechanical Design Labs, the company behind the clock, hopes to realize the project through crowdfunding. They can already speak of a success. Initially, the idea was to raise just over €17,000. However, more than 800,000 euros have already been raised. In short, the Author Clock is just coming!

The clock does not get bored easily. More than 2,000 quotes are programmed into the clock to read you new and unique reading every day and every hour where the time is relevant.

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