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Attention! This is another fraudulent e-shop that can deprive you of a lot

At the end of 2020, the Slovak police also point out another of the fraudulent online shops. This time it is a dubious business that is supposed to sell Converse brand products.

It is operated on the website, where visitors will find an offer of shoes, clothes and backpacks. The store looks like an official representation of the Converse brand. The problem is that the ordered goods will not be delivered to them and they will become further victims of fraud.

The site shows several warning signs, but the operators in the background still manage to catch people. The Police of the Slovak Republic draws attention to the case of one of the victims directly in its warning status.

Sometimes just a detail in the www name of the page and you will not notice that you are not on the official website of the store, but at the fraudster. This also happened to our fan, who ordered goods worth 82 euros before Christmas. She paid for it with a card. The goods did not arrive, the seller does not communicate with her in any way. The lady contacted the company’s official headquarters in the USA, who denied that the site belonged to her. They have no official website in Slovakia.

What doesn’t fit at first glance?

The site is missing any information about the operator, instead of links to social networks, there are only some generic links, as a form of possible contact you will find only the basic form and the section “Privacy” is suspicious.

There is an obvious machine-translated text in which each word begins with a capital letter and you will learn almost nothing here. In addition to not receiving any ordered goods, you may be the victim of other scams.

The website has been checked and shows signs of a fraudulent website and is probably also aimed at collecting sensitive data about a person (name, surname, postal address, e-mail address, password, payment details and other information provided during registration).

What does the Slovak Police recommend to potential victims?

If the person has entered an e-mail and password on the specified page (and uses this password on several pages, or when logging in to the e-mail account itself), we recommend changing the password.

If the person has filled in the details of the payment card on the website, we recommend contacting the bank and having this payment card blocked so that it is not misused.

Our tip

A pair of dubious e-shops from Slovaks draw money, do not deliver the goods

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