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Attention! The new WAPDropper malware subscribes you to paid services

A new one is rampant on Android phones malware WAPDropperwhich subscribes you to paid services. This type of virus has been on the rise for the last decade, its origins date back to around 2000. Fortunately, it eventually became extinct with the advent of smartphones around 2010. Now, however, there is another scarecrow.

New WAPDropper malware

Some telecommunications service providers standard WAP still support and use. Security research experts have identified a new critical type of malware that targets mainly Asia, but has also been seen in other countries. There is no warning or challenge automatically subscribes to premium services in applications. Fortunately, these are not on Google Play, but in third-party stores.

It is not easy to prevent the problem, but if you follow simple rules, you will be relatively safe. Therefore, download applications only from verified sources such as Google Play or Galaxy Store. Of course, if you notice an activity that the application should not perform, uninstall it immediately. You also need to check your banking statements from time to time to be sure.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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