Attention! Fake Microsoft support can cost you money

Internet fraud is spreading unstoppably fast these days. There are a number of practices, but they all have one goal and that is to deprive you of your funds. The Slovak Police drew attention to fraudsters posing as technical support for Microsoft in their post on Facebook.

The 51-year-old Trnavčan also received false support from Microsoft

This type of fraud already has its victims in Slovakia. These include a 51-year-old man from Trnava, who was recently contacted by fraudsters posing as representatives of Microsoft. They communicated with him in English, and with the pretext of securing his computer, they managed to install all the necessary programs to finalize their attack.

Subsequently, they managed to obtain a lot of information about the man, including credit card details and login details for internet banking. Then he was stolen more than 3200 Euros. If they managed to successfully complete all transactions, the man could lose up to more than 17,000 euros.

These fraudsters can also contact you from the numbers below:

  • +421 903 430 586
  • +421 958 459 198
  • +421 969 824 549
  • +421 994 241 067
  • +421 908 485 899
  • +421 903 951 743

How to recognize such a fraud?

The attacker will in most cases communicate with you in English, but in the case of a more sophisticated fraudster, it can also be a fragile Slovak or Czech. During the call, it informs you that your computer has been closed or insufficiently secured.

In the future, it will also offer you technical support, ie help with removing the virus. It can also be a condition that he must gain access to your computer for this operation. His strategy is to put pressure on you, or even to accuse you. It is recommended to place such a call as soon as possible, then contact your bank and check your authorization SMS from internet banking.

What to do if you run into it?

If you run into a cheater, you don’t have to cry right away. If there have been unauthorized movements on the account in favor of fraudsters, it is possible to request a refund of the stolen amount through your beneficiary’s bank. You should also report the incident to the police and file a criminal complaint at the same time.

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