Attention entrepreneurs: subsidy for electric charging stations adjusted

Since September 1, 2022, it is possible for entrepreneurs from Nijmegen to apply for a subsidy for a maximum of 3 charging stations. With this financial support, the municipality wanted to make the transition to electric driving more accessible for business traffic. It is possible to qualify for this until December 2024. It is possible that the subsidy closes earlier if the available budget is exhausted.

The conditions regarding the subsidy will change as of 1 June 2023. Where you could previously only apply for the subsidy if you have a purchase and registration certificate for an EV, it is now also possible to apply for the charging station subsidy for an electric vehicle on order. This new regulation has come into being because the delivery times for vehicles with an electric motor have become longer. On average it takes 9 to 12 months. Read the benefits of purchasing a business charging station in this article.

Encouraging employees and customers to switch to electric driving

With a charging station option at the office, you show employees, customers and competitors that you invest in a sustainable future. At SME Fuel it is possible to purchase a business charging station. This is good for your appearance, among other things. In addition, it serves as an incentive to switch to electric vehicles. And that stimulus is necessary so that the Climate Goals can be achieved. In 2025, at least half of the new vehicles sold must have an electric powertrain and plug. At least 30% of this must be fully electric. Also, in 2030, only zero-emission cars may be sold. Finally, the goal is to have only emission-free cars driving around in our country by 2050.

Where a few years ago you made customers and employees happy with freely accessible and good WiFi, nowadays offering a charging point is seen as the latest service. Charging an electric vehicle does take a bit more time than providing your vehicle with a combustion engine with new fuel. With a charging station, it is possible for your employees and clients to drive home with a full battery. In addition to these practical benefits for EV drivers, the presence of charging stations at companies can also accelerate the transition to electric driving.

For example, more and more entrepreneurs are opting for a total package from Vandebron. You can go here for charging cards, charging stations and their installation.

Reimbursement of loading costs

Fully charging your electric vehicle at a regular charging station costs less in most cases than a full petrol or diesel tank. However, this depends on the energy rates. As an employer, it is possible to reimburse the costs of using a business vehicle, including loading and untaxed, to your staff. This also includes the costs at public charging points, the charging stations used at the office and the charging stations at the home of employees, as long as it is for business kilometers. In order to realize the reimbursement, it is necessary that employees hand over a specification with kWh consumption, including the rate. The provider provides this specification. That way you don’t have to worry about extra (administrative) work!

Do you also want to install an electric charging station at the office?

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