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Attachments from MS Office can now be edited directly in Gmail

If we were to list the negatives of the Gmail environment, working with attachments would probably be very high. Downloading, forwarding or opening them is in many ways problematic or daunting. Google has now worked a bit on at least one variant of working with received files. In the case of an attachment originating from MS Office, Gmail now offers the option of editing. This applies to text files, spreadsheets and presentations. For example, if you now receive a .docx file from someone, you can start converting it to a Google Docs editor with one click and edit it right away. And without downloading.

Another novelty was added for the opposite process. When you have finished editing the received file, you can edit the attached attachment send back straight in the same conversation. Use the new menu in Google Docs to do this. In our case, Gmail already shows the pencil for editing the attachment from MS Office and the editing really works.

sending from Documents

But we don’t see the new menu yet. The function, however, is gradually introduced and this may last until 25 December. End users don’t have to switch anything, new elements pop up automatically. We are talking about the web version of Gmail at this time. We didn’t notice the change in the mobile app, and Google doesn’t mention it.

How do you work with attachments in Gmail?

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