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Asus rolls out Android 13 to Zenfone 8 and 8 Flip

Two smartphones from Asus are being updated to a new version of Android. This is the case for the Asus Zenfone 8 and the 8 Flip. From now on, Android 13 will be rolled out to the models. This together with a new security patch.

Android 13 for Zenfone 8

In November last year, Asus announced that the brand would start rolling out Android 13 for the Asus Zenfone 8 models from January. Right on time, Asus has prepared the update to the latest Android version for the Zenfone 8 and the Asus Zenfone 8 Flip. Not only does it allow you to take advantage of the new features in Android; the manufacturer also brings the January security update to the smartphone.

That’s not all, by the way. Asus shares an extensive changelog, where we immediately find out about the new features. What other changes has Asus made? We have placed the changelog for you below, so that you can see exactly what news the phone will receive after the update. Asus is rolling out the update for the Zenfone 8 in phases, so it may take a while before it is available to everyone.


  • Upgraded system to Android 13.
  • Revamped Mobile Manager, Contacts, Phone, Emergency Dialer, File Manager, Calculator, Clock, Gallery, Weather, Sound recorder, Settings, Data Transfer, Local backup, and so on.
  • Adjusted Quick Settings panel, notification tray, and volume panel to Android 13 design
  • Added the notification permission feature. You can adjust the permission of each apps in the Apps & notifications Settings.
  • System clipboard added “Auto delete” and editor features.
  • Added the QR code scanner option for the lock screen shortcut feature, and the Control from locked device feature in the Security & lock screen setting.
  • According to Digital Wellbeing setting, system color scheme can be set to automatically switched by the bedtime option.
  • Adjusted the Vibration & haptic strength setting, Display and font size setting, and the width/length of navigation white bar when choosing gesture navigation.
  • Changed to the Blocked numbers setting in Phone to stock behavior. You will not receive calls or texts from blocked numbers.
  • Removed the Call duration setting.
  • Replaced original Style settings to new Wallpaper & style settings – Remove shape option, support Themed icons, and the system color is reset to blue.
  • Added link quick share feature in ASUS Launcher.
  • Added Asus customization preferences setting. Allows applying the collection of commonly used customization settings with one click.
  • Removed the ‘Calm’ and ‘Elegant’ options in the Power button menu style setting.
  • Adjusted the design of the dialpad and contacts details page in the Phone app to display information more clearly.
  • Some 3rd party apps are not compatible with Android 13 yet.
  • Upgrade system modes to the latest version, including “High performance”, “Dynamic”, “Durable” and “Ultra durable.” Game Genie is also upgraded to the latest version, to allow quick switching of system modes in games.

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