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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Ubisoft has found the answer to the hilarious Fallout Shelter. One of the most popular brands today is getting a mobile game that makes great ambitions. I will tell you that what at first glance looked like a simple copy of the game mentioned is in fact a surprisingly successful experience and offers a lot of your own ideas.

If you have never met any assassin game, you will probably look a bit confused. You can understand mechanically, but the story does not make much effort with some explanation. The assassins are good, the Templars are bad, and there’s some Animus. Everyone assumes you are in the picture. So I will. The most similar feature of Falloute is building a base – but while most of the game was there, Rebellion focuses on real missions.

The base serves for gold gain, energy and character enhancement. However, the core is “out there” when you attack the Templar and the corrupt dignitaries. Playability is then tactical – forget about some quick action. You pick three characters in each mission. Each has its own capabilities. And it is clear to you that there will always be a different combination.

The levels are then divided into rooms where you can enter into each of them with a single figure who must take care of all obstacles and possible killing. You have to have a varied selection of characters and choose right. This gameplay brings much more fun than I would be willing to admit at first. Of course, the biggest problem is the free-to-play system, with each level waiting for the regeneration of lives, and more or less every action is set by a gaming currency or waiting for you.

cute characters. Graphically, the title was great and it looks great on mobile displays. It’s definitely not a copy even though the inspiration was obvious. Not to do so, when Ubisoft developed the same studio that made the Fallout. Rebellion, however, offers players much more sense of real play. But do not be fooled, it’s a traditional, modern mobile game that makes you laugh at every step and never leaves your hands too loose.

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