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Aska A5 flying car reaches 400 km

More and more flying car prototypes are now being launched. We can now really speak of a beginning breakthrough of the flying car. The Aska A5 flying car fits seamlessly into this list.

What exactly is the Aska A5?

The Aska A5 is an electric vehicle, the size of a large SUV, that can seat four people and that can travel by road or air. It can also take off and land vertically. So the vehicle is an airplane, helicopter and car all in one. At the CES2023 technology fair, the prototype was one of the spectacular attention grabbers.

Our road network is filling up more and more. This has everything to do with the limitation of two dimensions. You can only widen roads to a limited extent and building bridges and viaducts is outrageously expensive. Then let’s go up in the air, many people think. With the flying car it will now really work.

The Aska A5 can function almost seamlessly in existing traffic. For example, existing parking spaces are suitable for this hybrid vehicle, but taking off on a highway is also no problem because the vehicle has enough space to take off at 80 m. Unlike the X2 from competitor Xpeng, this is really a plane with wheels.

Hybrid fuel

The Aska A5 has both an electric motor and a petrol engine. The big advantage of this is that the range is much greater than that of an electric vehicle. Gasoline has a much higher energy density than lithium ion batteries. This explains why you can fly no less than 400 km with the hybrid vehicle.

ASKA A5 at CES 2023

Much attention to safety

One of the breaking points with flying cars so far is that they are not the safest vehicles. The manufacturer has worked hard on this precisely, so that the Aska A5 also scores well in terms of safety. For example, the aircraft is equipped with large wings, so that you can also make a safe landing in the event of an engine failure. With its six propellers there are always enough to get yourself to safety.

Aska A5: wait until 2026

You will have to be patient until 2026 for the Aska A5 to be delivered, because that is how long it will take to produce the prototype on a large scale. But you can pre-order it now. It can be quite useful for this if you just won the State Lottery, because it is estimated that this hybrid aircraft will cost more than 8 tons.


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