If you want to get fit and track your progress with a smartwatch, you could check out Aldi. Starting today, a smartwatch will be sold there for just 35 euros, which has properties that you won’t find in other watches that are so cheap.

Aldi sells Smartwatch for 35 euros

It doesn’t always have to be a smartwatch from Samsung or Apple. If you just want to do some sport and record the data, then a Smartwatch from Aldi could be enough. From January 19, 2023 Aldi is selling the Medion Life P4000 (MD 60871) fitness watch for only 34.99 euros (look at Aldi Nord). The offer applies to both Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd (look at Aldi Süd). These are local offers that are only valid in the branches. So if you want the watch, you have to go to Aldi.

The Aldi smartwatch is comparable to a fitness tracker in a smartwatch case with a larger display. This measures 1.3 inches and displays all relevant data. As will be the case with many other smartwatches Various sports modes supported and steps counted. Despite the low price of only 35 euros, the Medion watch even has a GPS module installed. This is not the case with many other smartwatches in the price range. So you can also record your training independently of the smartphone.

Not only that GPS module is remarkable in the price range, but also the IP68 certification. That completes the Aldi Smartwatch protected against dust and water, as you know it from current smartphones. The battery life is given as up to seven days. If you use the GPS module, you should be able to do this for a maximum of ten hours. That should be enough for every workout.

You should know this about Aldi:

Who is it worth buying the Aldi Smartwatch for?

Basically for everyone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a smartwatch and only wants to train every now and then. Compared to significantly more expensive watches, the data obtained should not be quite as accurate. It is therefore more suitable for hobby athletes who just want to capture something from their training.