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As a tech fan, you will notice this from the Brexit from 1 January

Unfortunately, Brexit is making life more expensive and complicated for the tech fan.

The transition period for Brexit ends on 1 January. From that moment on, Brexit is a fact and the United Kingdom is (almost) on its own two feet. As you may have heard, the EU and the British signed a contract of more than 2,000 pages containing all kinds of agreements. Most of this contract has not yet been released, but it is clear that a lot will change. Without knowing the contract, we have listed a number of points that the tech fan will notice from 1 January of the Brexit. Incidentally, the effects of Brexit have been noticeable for tech fans for some time.

Will roaming costs come back after Brexit?

If you travel within the European Union, foreign providers are no longer allowed to charge money for use of their network, so-called roaming. This means you can also use your smartphone to surf the Internet without any extra costs while on holiday in the EU. As of January 1, Great Britain will no longer be part of the EU due to Brexit, so English providers may again charge roaming charges. Fortunately, the major providers announced this morning that they would not (yet) do so, but this could change at any time. It is therefore advisable to check this before you travel to England.

Travel more difficult after Brexit

If we are allowed to travel again after the Corona measures, travel will also be more difficult due to Brexit. Until the end of September you can still go out with your Dutch ID card, but from 1 October you will need a passport. A visa is not required for short trips.

You do need that visa if you want to stay in the UK for a longer period of time, for an internship or a great IT job, for example. So take into account extra processing time and extra costs. If you also want to bring your pet in such a case, a form mill will be added, because the EUR passport for pets is no longer valid.

Online shopping in England

Online shopping in England will also become more expensive after Brexit. For example, it is expected that European VAT will also apply for products that will cost more than 22 euros. In addition, stricter customs controls will be introduced, which means that these extra operations also cost time and money. Obviously, things can still change, but it seems wise to make sure that you handle your business in or with the United Kingdom before the turn of the year.

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