Arnold Schwarzenegger plays BMW’s divine charging station

What do BMW, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zeus, the father of the Greek gods, have in common? It could be many things, but in this case it’s the car manufacturer’s new commercial. With this, they want to present electric cars on the Super Bowl weekend, which – according to the tenor – make even the gods happy.

Terminator becomes Zeus: BMW turns Schwarzenegger into a charging station for electric cars

For some fans of epic monumental films a la “Exodus” or “Wrath of the Titans” it should be a real downer, but it is now clear why Arnold Schwarzenegger – as announced via Twitter, among other things – becomes Zeus:

The terminator will die Starring in BMW’s new commercial, which the German carmaker commissioned specifically for the Super Bowl. In addition to Schwarzenegger as Zeus, Ralf Moeller as Poseidon and Salma Hayek Pinault in the role of Hera, the Bavarians are presenting two new electric cars for the American market.

But back to the spot, seen in the video above: Zeus and Hera are spending their well-deserved retirement from the strenuous life of the gods in California. There, the Greek father of the gods only needs his mighty lightning bolts now and then to protect his neighbors Charge the cordless hedge trimmer or the electric golf cart. Life as a pensioner can get boring at times.

The solution – you guessed it – is a brand new electric BMW, more precisely the E-SUV iX. According to BMW’s designation, this is strictly SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle). The implication is clear: an e-car for the active lifestylewith which Hera gives her husband back energy and joie de vivre – quite a lot to ask of a car.

Market launch for e-cars: BMW chooses the really big stage

The US market launch could hardly have been given a bigger stage. The coverage of the Super Bowl is one of the largest media events in the world year after year. “There is only one person on the planet who could call himself Zeus, and that is Arnold. And there’s only one brand worthy of that ultimate e-car machine to be credited, and that’s BMW,” said Rich Silverstein, co-founder of the production agency for the BMW commercial.

E-car subscription – see Finn now

BMW obviously does not want to be satisfied with fewer superlatives. It remains to be seen whether the new BMW models – the BMW i4 Gran Coupé will also be launched next month – will satisfy American customers.

Both Stromers can already be ordered in Germany. However, BMW customers have to do without some functions because of the shortage of chips. The meanwhile oldest electric car is to be taken off the market in the summer.

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